The Services of Patent Library

The Services of Patent Library

The reading room opening for five day a week:

  • ensures to read the patent and utility model documents in the Patent Library,
  • provides paper-based and computerized information service,
  • ensures online search in the industrial property databases available on the Internet
  • carries out continuously the orders received by letter, phone, fax or
  • provides copy service
  • sells the publications and databases subject to fee
  • helps to answer the questions relating to general and special information, as well as the orientation among the industrial protection documents
  • enables clients to use the costumer service, the documents and the databases at one place and at the same time
  • puts the monthly Gazette of the Office, its informative publications and application form at the clients' disposal

It is possible to search both alone, without help and with help of reference experts of the Patent Library, based on electronic devices or paper based documents. The registration is not obligatory in the Patent Library, and the services are free of charge except the copying, printing and online information service.

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