Emergency measure taken at HIPO due to the coronavirus

Dear Customers,

The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) continues to be at your disposal for providing all services falling within its tasks and competences, including innovation support services.


As from 2 June 2020 the contact details of HIPO will change as follows:


Submission of applications and their entering into the files (1081 Budapest, II. János Pál pápa tér 7.), electronic administration

  • We request our Customers to use primarily the e-applications system  (https://ugyintezes.sztnh.gov.hu/eBej2/step1) or the postal services  (1438 Budapest, Pf. 415.)  when submitting their applications.
  • According to Section 3(1) of the E-administration Act clients have the right to transact matters before a body providing e-governance services electronically, by way of the means provided for in this Act. In accordance with this provision, HIPO offers his customers who started industrial property proceedings in paper format the possibility to change to e-administration in the given case by filing an electronic request to this effect.
    The application has to be submitted by using the ‘Additional submissions’ electronic form (download at: https://ugyintezes.sztnh.gov.hu/eBej2/sugo:downloadurlap/T801)
    The formal and technical requirements of e-administration proceedings for all protection titles are to be found on the e-administration page of HIPO’s website at: https://ugyintezes.sztnh.gov.hu/eBej2/step1
  • Please be informed that administrative service fees can be paid, as before, by bank transfer to appropriation use framework account No. 10032000–01731842–00000000 of HIPO kept with the Hungarian State Treasury.
  • The automatic client terminal will stay available 7/24 at our headquarters.
  • You can file documents in person in our central building on workdays between 10 am. and 12 pm.
  • The inspection of files continues to be restricted with no possibility of inspection in person.


Customer Service / Information on intellectual property protection / Special Library (1054 Bp., Akadémia utca 21.)

  • Customers and readers may visit our Customer Service and the Frecskay János Special Library in person between 9.00 am. and 3.00 pm. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • At the Customer Service you may obtain our ‘Voluntary register of works’ form again in paper format too, and the automatic client terminal there will be available 24/7).

As we continue to attach due importance to the measures taken to prevent the spreading of the Corona virus, we kindly ask our Customers and Readers to wear face masks when visiting our premises. The maximum number of persons waiting in the Customer Service area is 2, while in the Special Library up to 5 persons can be attended to simultaneously. In order to avoid having to wait long or in a line outside for your turn, please be advised to make an appointment, if you can, at +36 (80) 345 678.


General information sztnh [sddeeffnbfnjndfbn] hipo [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] gov [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] hu (sztnh [sddeeffnbfnjndfbn] hipo [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] gov [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] hu) Fax: +36 (1) 474 5534
Phone: +36 (1) 312 4400, (call Monday to Friday between 9 am. and 13 pm.)


In person consultation


In person consultation with the officials / examiners of the authority is only possible in exceptional cases and exclusively upon previous appointment.

  • Patent and utility model- related information: szabadalmi [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] foosztaly [sddeeffnbfnjndfbn] hipo [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] gov [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] hu
  • Trade mark and design-related information: vedjegymintaoltalmi [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] foosztaly [sddeeffnbfnjndfbn] hipo [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] gov [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] hu
  • Registry Office information: lajstromvezetesi [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] osztaly [sddeeffnbfnjndfbn] hipo [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] gov [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] hu
  • Industrial property law information: jogiosztaly [sddeeffnbfnjndfbn] hipo [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] gov [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] hu
  • R&D Qualification: kf [sddeeffnbfnjndfbn] hipo [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] gov [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] hu
  • Copyright information: szjftitkarsag [sddeeffnbfnjndfbn] hipo [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] gov [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] hu
  • Council of Copyright Experts: szjszt [sddeeffnbfnjndfbn] hipo [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] gov [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] hu
  • National Board Against Counterfeiting: hent [sddeeffnbfnjndfbn] hipo [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] gov [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] huHungarian Design Council’s Office: mfti [sddeeffnbfnjndfbn] hipo [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] gov [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] hu
  • Education and online awareness raising events: oktatas [sddeeffnbfnjndfbn] hipo [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] gov [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] hu
  • Frecskay János Special Library: IPlibrary [sddeeffnbfnjndfbn] hipo [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] gov [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] hu


We advise our supplying partners to continue avoiding the serving of invoices in person and to choose instead the postal service or, in the case of electronically authentic invoices, this e-mail address: szamlaerkeztetes [sddeeffnbfnjndfbn] hipo [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] gov [uzzuehrgewzgewzug] hu.


We request our Customers to keep following our website and social media pages to be informed about possible changes.


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29 May 2020