Trademark services

Express trademark filtering

We offer express trademark filtering as part of providing all-inclusive trademark information for those clients who come in person to our Client Service. So at the same place and time they can obtain all the information necessary to effectively resolve their problem.

Express trademark filtering covers the similarity examination of word marks (words, combinations of words, personal names, slogans, combinations of letters and/or numerals).

The filtering is performed by the Client Service staff in accordance with the official practice. This service can be ordered in person at the Client Service of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office during opening hours, and the result can be obtained on the spot.

The result of the trademark filtering is for information purposes only; it does not affect in any way the trademark applications and other proceedings carried out according to Act XI of 1997 on the Protection of Trade Marks and Geographical Indications, nor is it appropriate to substitute for any procedural steps required by law.

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