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In accordance with the provisions of relevant legislation, the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (hereinafter 'HIPO') drew up its 2017 work plan, which has been approved by Mihály Varga, Minister for National Economy. The approved work plan contains the planned organisation chart of HIPO, which differs from the previous one and can be accessed here.  

HIPO has already initiated the issuing of Organisational and Operational Rules so as to conform to its organisational chart, and the issuing of those rules is under way.

Until the adoption of the Organisational and Operational Rules, the senior management tasks according to the organisational chart are being performed by the following persons:


Presidential duties:
Vice-presidential duties related to development and innovation support: Vice-presidential duties related to technical affairs:
Duties of the Director General for Legal Affairs:
Duties of the Director General for Financial Affairs:  

Viktor Łuszcz
Ildikó Kállayné Csik
András Jókúti
Zoltán Horváth


By clicking at the names you can access professional and contact information of the persons concerned.
By clicking at the organizational units you can access the data of the subordinate units and their staff.


Viktor Łuszcz Dr.
Vice-President for Technical Affairs
Director General for Financial Affairs
Zoltán Horváth
Vice-president for development and innovation support
Ildikó Kállayné Dr. Csik
Director General for Legal Affairs
András Jókúti Dr.
Cabinet of the President
Gábor Péntek Dr.
Patent Department
Dóra Gyetvainé Virág
Katalin Mikló Dr.
Zoltán Zábori Dr.
Financial Management Department
Györgyi Kóczánné Pásztor
Information Services Department
Tivadar Bognár
Innovation Support and Information Department
Gábor Németh Dr.
Maja Bárdi Dr.
Trade Mark, Model and Design Department
Mónika Rabné Dr. Molnár
Copyright Department
Péter Lábody Dr.
Dénes István Legeza Dr.
Legal and International Department
Csaba Baticz Dr.
Human Resources Management Section
Ildikó Pető
Chemistry and Biotechnology Section
Edit Földvári
Pharmaceuticals and Agriculture Section
Katalin Mikló Dr.
Mechanics Section
László Végh
Electricity Section
József Miklósi
Receiving And Official Publication Section
Gyöngyi Szilvitzky
Customer Service
Enikő Huszár
Finance and Accounting Section
Erzsébet Kolozsváriné Máté
Facility Management Section
Zoltán Oláh
Office Management Development Section
Tamás Dénes
Infocommunication Services Section
Attila Szendefi
Cooperation and Information Section
Erika Sajtiné Sándor
Research, Development and Innovation Section
Maja Bárdi Dr.
National Trade Mark Section
Erika Szép
International Trade Mark Section
Gabriella Kiss Dr.
Model and Design Section
Eszter Jámbor
Copyright Administration Section
Dénes István Legeza Dr.
International Copyright Section
Péter Lábody Dr.
Industrial Property Law Section
Roberta Pál Dr.
Industrial Property Registry Section
Emese Beáta Tarnóczy Dr.
International Cooperation Section
Mónika Györke-Sipos Dr.

The below persons and units belong to the staff of the President's Cabinet: ISO quality management, head of information security,
advisor for integrity, legal advisorhead of media relationseditor in chief of the web page,
Secretariat of the National Council of Intellectual Property.
The staff of the Office of the Hungarian Design Council belongs to the Innovation Department.
The staff of the Secretariat of the National Board Against Counterfeiting belongs to the Copyright Department.